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Zombiemania Shirt

Zombiemania Shirt has a black background. Hulk Hogan as a zombie is coming out of the grave. His guts are falling out and he is tearing off his skin like a 1984 Hulkamania tee shirt. However, through rotting, the Hulkster’s all mighty mustache is still intact. This killer shirt combines the two most powerful forces in the universe; zombies and Hulkamania. All the power of the zombie mania is unleashed on the full moon, and there are only two sides during a zombie apocalypse, with the Hulkster or get your brains eaten. So wear this awesome shirt carefully and often.

(P.S. If Zombiemania is a bit too scary for your liking, you can still get your hands on a classic Hulkamania shirt instead!)

Hulk Hogan Autograph is Optional.


Check out one of our Hulkamaniacs rocking the Zombiemania Shirt on Twitter, Brother!

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