Hulk Hogan Signed Hulkamania Ripping Shirt


New Stripped Shirt Rip t-shirt in black signed by Hulk Hogan!

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Hulk Hogan Signed Hulkamania Ripping Shirt

Hulk Hogan Signed Hulkamania Ripping Shirt has a black background with Hulk Hogan tearing his shirt in the middle. The red Hulkamania logo is at the bottom. Whether you are hulkin’ up on the beach or slamming giants in the ring, in this tee you can live the Hulkamaniac life. Believe in yourself, say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and train. The Power of the Mania is unstoppable, so rock this t-shirt with pride or tear it right down the middle. From the Greatest Wrestler of all Time to the Greatest Beach Bum of all Time, Hulk Hogan approves trips to the beach and training in the gym.

Yo maniacs, I’m pumped about my new Hulkamania shirt. I wanted to get it done for the holidays. I’m going to be standing at the end of the assembly line and randomly signing some of these so maybe you’ll be one of the lucky Hulkamaniacs to get one. These are limited edition so make sure you get yours.


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